Defined Benefit Plans for 2013 Have Never Been Easier

Streamlined Process to Help with Year-end Planning.

Communicating Defined Benefit Plan opportunity and installing a plan has never been easier:

1) Start a Conversation by Sharing an ArticleDefined Benefit Plans and ATRA’s Success Penalty– add your contact information and send this article to your prospects, clients, and centers of influence. It discusses defined benefit plans in light of this year’s tax increases.

2)   Tell a Story Case Study – Demonstrate how a defined benefit plan has made a difference for another client via a case study. Seeing a picture makes the opportunity come to life and enables your client to apply its principles to their own situation.

3) See What’s PossibleDeduction Opportunity – check the number. Curious about contribution opportunity?  This easy-to-use matrix shows the highest deduction amount for the year. Use it to have a conversation about your prospect’s ‘number.’ “What level of funding are you comfortable with?”

4) See It for YourselfProposal Request Form – Request a proposal. Retirement Services will prepare a client-ready proposal which will outline contribution opportunity, employee costs (when applicable), tax savings, and implementation steps. We are available to join you in a meeting to support a successful close.

5)    Secure a Deduction in 2013, Fund in 2014: No need to rush. Install the plan by 12/31 and fine-tune funding after the holidays. Plan documents need to be signed by 12/31. We make it easy with utilization of electronic signature which takes the guess-work and complexity out of equation. So whether your client is hitting the ski slopes, travelling to warm beaches somewhere far away, or just enjoying time with family away from the office this holiday season, they can easily secure a deduction by signing documents on their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Our plan document will allow to fine-tune the contribution amount after the holidays, so you and your client can focus on enjoying this time of year with your loved ones.

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